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Return, Refund & Order Cancelled Policy

In Stock:

This date range is listed as "Items in stock", it will usually be readied to deliver or ship. During holidays, special or exclusive promotions or due to other factors some "Items in stock" items may run out of stock or market shortage that require a longer lead time to prepare or source for products.

Please keep in mind when ordering that our products on hand fluctuate throughout the day with sales demand and stock that we receive. Items are constantly being sold and our stock is constantly being replenished. There may be cases when an item on the website is not available for order due to very recent changes in availability.

If the item not identified as Out of Stock does not necessarily mean that it will be In Stock at the moment you order. We will notify you if the item you ordered is Out of Stock. We first try to call your phone number and reply via email. In this case, we will deliver/ship all the in-stock products to you. For the products which are out of stock, we will deliver/ship to you on the next stock replenishment or we will refund to you on the exact amount of the items.


Other stock statuses:

All pre-orders require full payment at the time the pre-order is placed. inktoner.ahfcreative.com uses a number of distributors instead of relying on a single distributor to get product on time. We will always attempt to fill each and every order. For reasons beyond our control delays, augmentations, or cancellations may be necessary. If the customer wishes to change or cancel their pre-order before shipment, we will at the request of the customer, refund the full amount to the customer.

If you want to cancel an order, please call us or fax to 6278 8789 ( include order number & full name ). We don’t accept email order cancellation.

Communication is very important to us. Questions about toner cartridge, please email to sales@inktoner.com.sg

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